Hippo Bath-day

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This is the week for birthdays. I have 13 friends’ birthday just this week, including mine on the 1st, and many others’ throughout the October. That forced me to think what exactly is so special about October. A fellow buddy explained January is the season of winter, and so is people’s resolution to warm it up which tends to more sex and hence more kids 9 months later. Then came my brother’s explanation, who is studying Bioinformatics. He says it’s not the frequency of sexual intercourse that leads, rather various studies have found seasonal variation in sperm count and mobility to be the reason, which is significantly higher in winter. So this explains why every family has a kid born on October. 

Anyway on a different note, I didn’t do much this birthday. My boyfriend is out of town and I didn’t feel like celebrating the day without him. Might do a party later, but it’s still a ‘might’, coz I feel lazy and lately dozing off seems more convenient than being active about anything. But I do have a favour to ask you guys, suggest me a gift that I can ask for. My boyfriend has been nagging me about what he should give me, he is not that imaginative when it comes to gifts and I usually tell him what I want and he dutifully brings it to me. And it’s a fussy job to give me anything, I don’t wear ornaments, my room is a junk place and I have no place to keep things I don’t need no matter however cute they may be, so random archie hallmark stuff is winnowed out from the list. I like perfumes but he knows I have too many, he bought me a dress this eid and honestly I don’t want anymore dresses. Actually there’s nothing I want, and he doesn’t want to disappoint me. Khota doesn’t know he can’t disappoint me but it’s true he is one person who’ll know immediately if I’ve really liked something or just appreciated the gesture instead. But this time around I honestly and honestly can’t think of anything that I really need.. hmmph, seems like I have everything I want :) Help please! Make me want something!

Anjan uncle and Shangjukta auntie's gift, they are from Kolkata and came here to work on some project. The day they landed was my birthday, they remembered it and later brought me this. It was really sweet of them. 

I love the message on the card, has a lot of warmth in it.