Raisa, the bday gal

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
First of all happy birthday to my dear Raisush. So today’s the day when this incredible creature was born. She‘s the typical girly girl with an evenhanded attitude and great sense of humor. She has her own way of making everything upbeat, which compels me to stick to her all the time. Actually it’s always good to have people so positive around you, then you have a constant positivism growing inside you too. And well it works for me, so great having to know you Raisa honey.
Anyhow I had my monthly exams so couldn’t get anything for her. So will go out today with Naushin and buy her a gift we hope she’ll like. I know she wanted a huge photo frame, now lets see whether I get a good one or not. Otherwise if there’s nothing available of her choice then I’ll go for something of my preference. Well for now I am a dirty kid, so I better be going to take a shower before Naushin comes.
And ps i got my favourite Oddworld again, the link is