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Saturday, April 14, 2012

(Improper) Summary: part II

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I am so horribly irregular at blogging that from a point of being a letdown it has now reached a point where it's just plain funny. I am also amazed at how in spite of playing multiple roles in one breathing life so many of my fellow bloggers always come up with posts that makes you go.. 'ow that's good stuff'. These are the people who took away my timeless excuse of having no time at my hand. There are busy mothers, full time working students, hard knocked professionals on my reading list. And each and every post they create entailing stories to stories has truly been a good read, which is why despite my irregularity at blogging I am a regular reader. If I follow a blog I invariably try to keep up with it, the entity that does not let me blog likewise does not let me comment sometimes as well, but if I really connect to a post I'd always make sure to drop a line. Well anyway, this post I am about to make was in my draft, I remember getting so tired of arranging the photos right that I gave up on it and opted for a movie instead. Has been another month since and honestly if I am to keep the promise of jotting down past lane memories (since Jan as the previous post stopped at December) through photos then there will be a pile of myriad photos, so this stops here. The ones that was already in the draft are about to be posted in a second, rest, well umm I have decided to upload whenever, coz, what the hell, my blog, my way :) 

The improper summary part II (taken from an old draft)

As promised I am back again with more pictures. I thought this would be the quickest post comprising just loading and unloading, but wasn't that quick and painless after all. Most of the photos were taken with Canon cameras, which shares a bug with blogger that makes the pictures auto rotate. And the whole process of correcting was pretty graveling. But to ease my pain I have omitted a good per centum of photos :D and this is all we get for now. Decided to start off with Mona's wedding as it took most of my december, in a fun way, with friends I love.

This photo was taken at her Mehendi. Tasmeen, I and Nisha.

Beautiful Bride's beautiful mehendi

My turn :)

Holud pictures:


Christo: a grown up now

Pohela falgun:

Nish, I, Afs

NSU is the best place to be in Falgun. From left: Nab, Nah, Naw, I, Ulli, Hum, Faiz


sorry about the hazy picture, the guy couldn't figure how to focus


Costume party at T's:

at the stadium, watching a BPL match
Taken by S: