Sunday, November 27, 2005

I want a dog. This is one animal I am nuts about. Life without a dog as a pet is like a life without photography. So I want a dog, very badly that is. More specifically my eyes are on German Shepherds. I have had three Japanese Spitz before. They are too hyper. But German Shepherd is rather calm and easy on habits. Hopefully I’ll get it from Katabon. Now the hard part is to manage papa and mama again. They are done with all the dogs we had, specially I don’t expect papa to agree so easily after my previous dog sank its teeth into papa’s ankle. Tough job waiting huh?
Now lets move to exam issues. Chemistry went well, physics went good as well and math went awesome. So I am having some happy-go-lucky moments. Though exams aren’t over yet I already feel relaxed which results in bringing me online all day long. I haven’t slept last three nights for exam continuity on these three shit subjects. Gosh what a doomed time that was. Anyway today is my day baby. I’ll finish the Paul Coelho’s novel tonight. I had to leave the book at an interesting part. So bye for now. [pic* Anako-my last dog]
Sunday, November 6, 2005
Exam exam exam, as it is getting closer I am getting more uncertain about my groundwork. I don’t see a good confidence level in me as it should have been. And this is bad I tell you. The other day TU took a physics test and I noticed I wasn’t even sure with the answers I knew I read. Anyway let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen on the main examination day.

being me

Friday, October 28, 2005

Ok now have budged to this....yet another way to remember that I exist......