I dream of..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

So many souls with different faces
In one world, but from many places
We are all the same; can’t you see
Regardless of heritage; you and me
Look for the person inside, not out
THAT is what this life is all about
A choice between good or bad to make
Each person decides which road to take
Those decisions create our society today
On a self destructing path; sorry to say
Too much evil lurks in this life
Creating heartache and widespread strife
Prejudice and greed out of control
The results of such, take their toll
The wars and crime a direct result
Our land destroyed only to be rebuilt
We all need to change for the world to endure
Love one another, that is the cure
Reach out a helping hand to others
Strangers, friends, acquaintances, brothers, of sisters
Put aside those petty differences and hate
Find a common ground in which to relate
I dream of a world where peace is the norm
People working together to weather the storm
Here is to the hope that one day it comes true
A land of harmony for me and for you.