Movie Review: Following ~ Brilliant 70 minutes

Thursday, May 26, 2011
Despite being an impressively intriguing and edgy directorial debut by Nolan this 16mm black-and-white movie had been highly underrated. I have watched Memento too, and in all honesty this flick holds a stronger script. In a low budget venture with no famous casting the performance is utterly believable and Nolan’s conniving story telling is excellent. This movie has a clever buildup that runs in discontinuous time frames through its nonlinear plot. And before you know where the 70 minutes have gone by it hits you with a beaut ending that completes the noir thriller providing the viewers a total clarity of what was going on. The story revolves around an aspiring writer Bill (Jeremy Theobald) who follows people around the streets of London out of his curiosity to turn a faceless stranger into a face whose random details of life are known to him. He keeps on doing this till a day he follows a handsome and confident Cobb (Alex Haw) who later confronts him and reveals his habit of following people as well, but for more of a practical reason, which is burglary. Cobb smooth talks Bill into his life and takes him under his wings, they follow and housebreak into the life of a beautiful blonde (Lucy Russell) and the movie takes you to a twisted climax bringing out a more twisted ending. My rating for the movie is 8 on 10.


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    i vl watch this movie soon
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