Avoiding probability

Monday, March 28, 2011
Arrgh I have a probability quiz tomorrow and I am looking for ways to postpone the little studying that requires to be done for it. This entry could be counted as one of the ways as well. But the thing is I have absolutely nothing to write about, and the things that I do have unfortunately [or fortunately ;)] cannot be written about. Well let’s talk about the weather then, I mean isn’t this what we do when a conversation hits a ceasing point and leads to that awkward silence? Besides it’s a universal topic and everyone’s concern or delight. For me right now it’s a delight, here in Dhaka last few days the weather has been wonderful. Just when everyone expected this summer to outset with scorching heat it approached with cool breeze and a bonus full moon. I love the present weather, waiting for a gaga storm though. And I want the timing to be right, it shouldn’t be on my way to NSU and definitely not while I sleep at night (well day). The perfect time will be a weekend evening or any day after 4 for that matter. I want to feel the rain pour instead of just looking at it through a glass window of a room soaked up with several sleepy eyes of normal people and heedful eyes of the nerd ones. It’s been so long that now I am thirsting to get drenched and catch the cold sneeze, yes the sneezes too, if I am ready to take something this blissful I think I should take its downsides too. Only then it would feel enough, otherwise it’s just never enough, coz I experienced a drizzle just yesterday and the feel of the moment has already dismissed from my memory, and I want the next time to hang in a lot longer.

Musings of a night

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Have you stepped outside today? You don’t need to, just remember to keep the windows open tonight. You won’t need street lights to see the dandy dance of the leaves of that colossus tree that never gives flowers but has been fending for years right there facing your balcony. Her green leaves turn black at night, under those old fashioned yellow sodium street lights. But tonight they will stay green, I think green is their favourite colour, why else would they be dancing this way? Besides they must have guessed about the full moon’s dramatic reappearance tonight, and hence they have been dancing in day-light, happy knowing they will stay green for a little longer than usual, happy knowing at the impeding day-light there’s moonlight to serve them and to keep them green. Moonlight is their savior, breeze is their party. And this party will run till the new moon arrives and the green leaves turn black again. Their moon isn’t going anywhere, ours is, ours does. Our moon is uncertain, it may not arrive within a month and we may stay black forever. And we are not as simple as those leaves, our happiness is dearly won, we don’t party unless there’s a moon, breezes don’t mean enough. Our moon is our covetousness and our breeze are those little happiness, little reasons to smile everyday. Let’s all turn into leaves and dance, with or without the moon and learn to appreciate the breeze, wouldn't that be nice.

Stylish Blogger Award

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
I am too secretive to maintain an interesting blog but according to two generous souls this blog is still stylish even if the content sometimes fails, and hence I receive the Stylish Blogger Award! The two generous souls I am talking about are Reenie at Reenie's Scribbles and Purple Butterfly at Confessions of an idle mind .  Please do check out their blogs, I promise you great contents, colours, emotions and life matter. Will be worth the shot :)

The award looks like this~

Ok, apparently there are some rules for accepting this award, and they go like this :

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 great bloggers.

So here goes my respect to the rules-

A big brown yummilicious chocolatey thanks wrapped in nuts to you both!

Now the 7 things-

  • It’s impossible to categorize me as a person. Almost every aspect of my personality shares the characteristics of two opposite poles. Like I am introvert and bold, lazy and organized, open and conventional, calm and crazy, and the list goes on.  
  • My favourite colour is brown and I have always hated the colour blue. No reason, just never liked it.
  • No matter which career path my future entitles me to I intend to complete a degree on Kathak and Latin dance forms and use it in whichever way I can.
  • I love mountains more than sea, but guess what- I am acrophobic.
  • I looooooove to sleep, but the trouble is I also happen to be a light sleeper. I wake up every other night by an auditory sensation of late night nightingale cum rickshaw-walas singing in glory to their 4 am fun ride. If that’s not the case, then may be a distant horn does the job (apart from some routine household static noises). 
  • I am a maniac about dogs! This animal makes me nuts! Dogtown (aired on National Geographic) makes me cry on a regular basis but movies as good as The Colour Purple could never bring the tears out. On a different note, in case you haven’t watched either I recommend you watch both. You might have to be a dog person to love Dogtown, but The Colour Purple was a good movie.
  • Though I hardly show this, but I love my family and friends to bits and pieces

Now comes the final rule. I would say my blog family is still very little and I am yet to know 15 great bloggers. But I surely know 5 and they are the greatest!

Please receive this Stylish Blogger Award my stylish blogger friends!