Monday, September 25, 2006
Been a long time I wrote something. Loads of things have happened within this span of time. Loads of things means actually loads of things. And most of them were totally unexpected. Some were good and some were painful. But now I feel more developed. Never thought would get to see such things in life as well. Now I know things, now I know people.
Anyhow, if you ask me to give a short summary on the typical things then here they go- I went to Cox’s Bazar and it was huge fun. - My classes started a month back. And I hate every moment of it. - Tintin and Rony bhai got married - I got A+ in my board exams. – Diba apu got married. Till now the most typical thing happened in the most typical way I must mention. – Terri’s grandmother died. She really loved her. I wonder what she’ll go through once she gets to know. – And lastly I got my broadband back, but it is of no use since itz with Sunny’s pc, not mine. However, it is been ages since I took a snap of something with my cam. And I am feeling bad about it. I need to buy a filter for my cam before something happens to my lens. For now that is my primary task. These days I don’t feel like studying at all. I know itz high time I start studying, but don’t know why I can’t concentrate on anything these days. It is not that now I am into anything else. Honestly I am into nothing these days. All I do is sleep. I don’t watch movies, I don’t go out, I don’t read, I am neither online, and I stopped taking snaps too. If there is anything I am excited about right now that is the imminent election. Election is always a big deal and fun to me. Though I know this feeling doesn’t go with the present context. But anyways this is one thing which is keeping me alive and forcing me to know things happening around. Otherwise I would have stopped reading news papers too I guess.
God. Help me. I am depressed. [pic*depressed me_]

going through the dial up days...

Thursday, May 25, 2006
I hate ants. I hate them so much. Waking up everyday with ants on me doesn't feel good. This creature is pissing me off now. Mama swerved them a couple of times but they again come back. Anyways my photography course is almost at its end. Well I loved it all along. Now thinking of making my bathroom the darkroom. Will start the attempt once the course finishes. But I can only print the black and white ones, printing colour ones is way too costly and complicated too. So may be I should rather give them to labs for printing. Moreover planning to go Cox's Bazar with friends, will be a great fun I guess. Well now I need to make an important phone call. And since I have been using this shit dial up now, so gotta go. Man I miss my broadband days....

done days

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Now I am in the segment of time where everything is done. Exams are done. Sham and Terri’s reside in Australia is done. Tintin and Ronny bhai’s marriage is done. Shifting to a new room is done. And moreover writing this journal entry which I have been so recklessly avoiding to is about to be done as well. Well things stay interesting till they are undone. Once they are done there’s no excitement left. Last few days I couldn’t actually study but only imagined how blissfully I am going to spend these three months of holiday. But now as it has started all my imaginations and plans have moved out of my mind. Anyway, today passed a whole lot of the evening with Nancy and Tash. Then came home at 8, called Juhi, talked for a while, had dinner, checked a number of mails that had been mounting up all these busy days, and finally thought of putting an entry here. Tonight Sunny might be home late coz he has this performance in a concert. So I can be with the pc for a few more hours. Now thinking of watching a movie. These days I miss Happy like anything. Can’t avoid thinking that if she were alive she would have enjoyed these relaxed time as well. A year has already gone without her being around me, doesn’t feel odd any longer. But I truly miss her. [pic* Terri's uni- LaTrobe University, Bandoora, Australia]