going through the dial up days...

Thursday, May 25, 2006
I hate ants. I hate them so much. Waking up everyday with ants on me doesn't feel good. This creature is pissing me off now. Mama swerved them a couple of times but they again come back. Anyways my photography course is almost at its end. Well I loved it all along. Now thinking of making my bathroom the darkroom. Will start the attempt once the course finishes. But I can only print the black and white ones, printing colour ones is way too costly and complicated too. So may be I should rather give them to labs for printing. Moreover planning to go Cox's Bazar with friends, will be a great fun I guess. Well now I need to make an important phone call. And since I have been using this shit dial up now, so gotta go. Man I miss my broadband days....


  1. Munaz said...:

    Wish you Happy Photography days :) and you get your Broadband line back again :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I should have come here earlier. .. nice website pal… seems u got some real free time :d ,

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