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Tuesday, March 15, 2011
I am too secretive to maintain an interesting blog but according to two generous souls this blog is still stylish even if the content sometimes fails, and hence I receive the Stylish Blogger Award! The two generous souls I am talking about are Reenie at Reenie's Scribbles and Purple Butterfly at Confessions of an idle mind .  Please do check out their blogs, I promise you great contents, colours, emotions and life matter. Will be worth the shot :)

The award looks like this~

Ok, apparently there are some rules for accepting this award, and they go like this :

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 great bloggers.

So here goes my respect to the rules-

A big brown yummilicious chocolatey thanks wrapped in nuts to you both!

Now the 7 things-

  • It’s impossible to categorize me as a person. Almost every aspect of my personality shares the characteristics of two opposite poles. Like I am introvert and bold, lazy and organized, open and conventional, calm and crazy, and the list goes on.  
  • My favourite colour is brown and I have always hated the colour blue. No reason, just never liked it.
  • No matter which career path my future entitles me to I intend to complete a degree on Kathak and Latin dance forms and use it in whichever way I can.
  • I love mountains more than sea, but guess what- I am acrophobic.
  • I looooooove to sleep, but the trouble is I also happen to be a light sleeper. I wake up every other night by an auditory sensation of late night nightingale cum rickshaw-walas singing in glory to their 4 am fun ride. If that’s not the case, then may be a distant horn does the job (apart from some routine household static noises). 
  • I am a maniac about dogs! This animal makes me nuts! Dogtown (aired on National Geographic) makes me cry on a regular basis but movies as good as The Colour Purple could never bring the tears out. On a different note, in case you haven’t watched either I recommend you watch both. You might have to be a dog person to love Dogtown, but The Colour Purple was a good movie.
  • Though I hardly show this, but I love my family and friends to bits and pieces

Now comes the final rule. I would say my blog family is still very little and I am yet to know 15 great bloggers. But I surely know 5 and they are the greatest!

Please receive this Stylish Blogger Award my stylish blogger friends!


  1. Reenie said...:

    Nice layout Bee :)

  1. br|sh said...:

    Thanks Reenie :)

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