Know Me Better?

I am a lot of things.. too many actually.. I am like those mishmashed fruit salads with heaps of fruits served in colourful big bowls, being mannerly you only take a spoonful, and ultimately never attain the taste of all, there’s always that one fruit the spoon misses to take aim. So virtually it’s impossible for mannerly people to know me. And that’s how it is in my real life. I have no mannerly friends only mannerly companies. People who truly know me are either crazies or they have seen me in too many places at too many points in time, like the childhood ones. Almost every aspect of my personality shares the characteristics of two opposite poles. Like I am introvert and bold, lazy and organized, open and conventional, calm and crazy, snob and down to earth… I can be your mother, I can be your child, I can be your friend and I can be your annoying friend, and the list goes on. I am usually what I make of you and hence what you make of me. And with very few people, I am whole. 

So now that you know I am not A or THE character, the complex explanation ends here.  

Lets move on to easier things, the simple facts,

I am a business student doing my majors in finance and marketing. I have seen 21 happy years of my life and wish to see many more (many many many more). I am half Bengali and half Pakistani. My father’s from Bangladesh and mother from Pakistan, they met abroad and fell in love.. well that’s another story. Here I should stick to the topic, which is about their youngest offspring. Youngest, because I have two elder brothers who are very dear to me. My biggest high is life. And I don’t care what this life fetches to me, as long as I can think and breathe, I will appreciate it, so that makes me an optimist. I hate the colour blue and love anything brown (specially chocolates!). I also love anything animal (beings not clothes!), they are my peace, let’s just leave it to that. I am a dancer, I have a Katthak training. It’s my passion and something I am good at. I am fluent in three languages, Bengali, Urdu and English. So you can speak to me in all three and I will understand.

Eito, aur kya.. now you know a lot! 

Anything else? Ask me! It’s the only place where I am whole to strangers :)