Maniacs Invasion

Sunday, January 30, 2011
I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. It was an incredible day with almost 20 maniacs in my room all day. They woke me up (literally) after invading my room and made this day much better than my dreams (the ones I usually have). I might not, but my friends do know how to have fun.

Here’s the menu for today-
The Salad
Papa's special White Coral Fish

My own specialty Garlic Spicy Chicken
W's special Vegetable Mix


Wednesday, January 26, 2011
You are like a disease. The last disease I would want to have. You are incurable and painful. And with every new york minute your germs are multiplying and taking over me. Go away disease. There’s no place for you in me.

Family time!

Saturday, January 22, 2011
After a series of weddings there came the family night yesterday. A truly zestful dinner at Hungry Duck followed by the amusing tuktuk ride and yummylicious Barista coffee. I was through with the pulao biriani wedding khana and my stomach was happy to feed upon a fresh menu my tastebuds didn’t cognise already. Hungry Duck is nice, they have done a good job with the interior, each corner has a separate theme and the service is lovely. We sat inside the yellow room, it had more privacy and was perfect for the two hungry ducks and their three ducklings. The icing on the cake was bumping into Tasmush there. She too came with her family for dinner. Planned or unplanned coming across childhood best friends chirks you up, they are the people one is usually most comfortable with. Today J came with Mali and Rad to see some dance steps they will be performing for their cousin’s holud. In fact she just left while I am left sweaty. Time to hit the shower, I disapprove stinky me, in fact stinky anyone. 

The satisfied hungry ducks :)

Look at the cute coffee cup!
     Wicked Brownie tastes wicked.
The name Hungry Duck struck papa so much that he cooked a duck for tonight's dinner.

Task: Change the template

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
This template makes me want to see the other corners of this room, which plainly put, I CAN'T. And it is very annoying.

Traveller in time, knowing that there's no rhyme...

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Tick tick tick, the sound of time ticking. It doesn’t make me impatient, it doesn’t bore me seeing each second pass following its own laws. I like time. I want all the time in the world. I hear the tick tick tick in my insomniac nights and I never get fidgety, never roll from side to side in agitation. I may not get the sleep I need, but I get time. And I like time. For a similar reason, I am never tired of waiting, I can wait for hours after hours, days after days, years after years, given there’s no butterfly effect of that waiting, and it only has to offer a time without obligation, a time where I am not obligated to do anything, not obligated to think and definitely not obligated to act accordingly. I am not lazy (well not always), it’s the obligation. I yearn for a time where I will do something I would want to, and not because I have to. It can be the very same thing I am obligated to do, like attending NHK’s boring (you have no idea) and vague lectures, but out of choice and not out of obligation. After the recent earthquake occurrences I started wondering how it would be to be under oodles of debris, waiting to die. I get scared of the breathlessness, I fear of being in the confined space, of the pain of dehydration, hunger and the paralyzed situation, but never of the empty time. I would never pray to die owing to the empty time, yes owing to those other fears may be (though this too is highly unlikely). I want to live long, even if I suffer, I want ‘my time’ and ‘my time’ is LONG.


[Title Credit: Blind Guardian- Traveller In Time]

Talk about female hormones :|

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I woke up early today, contrary to my regular self. I had the day planned out. Wanted to cook something different for S. Went through the internet for some lasagna recipes, found some interesting ones too, but hell the markets here are a wretch when it comes to cheese. I looked through many stores but couldn’t find any of the three cheese types I was looking for. Then decided not to waste any more of my time looking for something I won’t find in Dhaka, had a student too who was then very likely to wait for me in 2 hours. So consented to a hardcore Indian dish instead, ingredients of which were floating everywhere my eyes went. Coriander chicken curry- in my fridge right now. 

My student got cancelled today, but I got to know of it at his doorsteps after the servants kept me waiting for 20 minutes. By servants I mean three young girls who have been consistently slow at responding the door bell. I thought today was no different either and stood there the first 15 minutes waiting, I am always hesitant to ring a door bell twice. At long last, 5 minutes after my second ring one of those girls had the decency to inform me of no one being home. Right then saw my phone ringing, it was Tonoy’s mom to let know they won’t be home today. What a waste. 
On my way back saw a salon, and how did I satisfy my aggravation?? 
By a manicure and pedicure 
Don’t judge me please  

[Photo: My mani-pedi-cured fingers and feet]

Heena and the Corset..

Monday, January 10, 2011
I love the smell of Heena, S loves it too and so does W (got to know today). W’s best friend is getting married this week and hence the mehendi on W’s left palm (right one tomorrow) by me. I do a pretty decent job with the designs, but I am slow and my obsession on neatness takes up a lot more time. So if you want to apply mehendi by me you gotta be patient, unless you can settle with a less than mediocre piece. W had been watching Criminal Minds while I took her hand into business, therefore I was free from the worry of keeping her paralytic for too long. She held that engrossed look of rapt delight watching Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) which she always gets and I knew I had enough time. Later we googled early days pictures of T.G. only to discover pictures of him undressed dressed in corset! I can only imagine the turnoff it caused, sorry W! 

[Photo: W with her mehendi]

The criminal's M.O.

Saturday, January 8, 2011
I am trapped in nothingness. I waste my days doing nothing. The sleeping routine I have been following is very depressing as it is. This being Winter I hardly get 2 hours of daylight after waking up at 4. Then comes the lunch and students. At 8 comes friends and family. Friends become stay overs and random dinners and ritualistic phone calls with R, while family becomes cooking, watching TV, movies (sometimes Criminal Minds with W and Sun) and being cozy under the blanket with everyone holding a glass of coke or milk shake. At 2 comes the daily shower (I unwind in the hot tub). Around 3 comes books, if interesting enough it runs all night, or if not, with surfing in between. Then comes goodnight calls to S which sometimes stretches till sunup. Then SLEEP. Finally. Till the next day of nothingness comes, a nothingness I confess, I am too happy to have. 

After a year or two...

Hello. How are you? Miss me?