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Tuesday, January 11, 2011
I woke up early today, contrary to my regular self. I had the day planned out. Wanted to cook something different for S. Went through the internet for some lasagna recipes, found some interesting ones too, but hell the markets here are a wretch when it comes to cheese. I looked through many stores but couldn’t find any of the three cheese types I was looking for. Then decided not to waste any more of my time looking for something I won’t find in Dhaka, had a student too who was then very likely to wait for me in 2 hours. So consented to a hardcore Indian dish instead, ingredients of which were floating everywhere my eyes went. Coriander chicken curry- in my fridge right now. 

My student got cancelled today, but I got to know of it at his doorsteps after the servants kept me waiting for 20 minutes. By servants I mean three young girls who have been consistently slow at responding the door bell. I thought today was no different either and stood there the first 15 minutes waiting, I am always hesitant to ring a door bell twice. At long last, 5 minutes after my second ring one of those girls had the decency to inform me of no one being home. Right then saw my phone ringing, it was Tonoy’s mom to let know they won’t be home today. What a waste. 
On my way back saw a salon, and how did I satisfy my aggravation?? 
By a manicure and pedicure 
Don’t judge me please  

[Photo: My mani-pedi-cured fingers and feet]


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