Traveller in time, knowing that there's no rhyme...

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Tick tick tick, the sound of time ticking. It doesn’t make me impatient, it doesn’t bore me seeing each second pass following its own laws. I like time. I want all the time in the world. I hear the tick tick tick in my insomniac nights and I never get fidgety, never roll from side to side in agitation. I may not get the sleep I need, but I get time. And I like time. For a similar reason, I am never tired of waiting, I can wait for hours after hours, days after days, years after years, given there’s no butterfly effect of that waiting, and it only has to offer a time without obligation, a time where I am not obligated to do anything, not obligated to think and definitely not obligated to act accordingly. I am not lazy (well not always), it’s the obligation. I yearn for a time where I will do something I would want to, and not because I have to. It can be the very same thing I am obligated to do, like attending NHK’s boring (you have no idea) and vague lectures, but out of choice and not out of obligation. After the recent earthquake occurrences I started wondering how it would be to be under oodles of debris, waiting to die. I get scared of the breathlessness, I fear of being in the confined space, of the pain of dehydration, hunger and the paralyzed situation, but never of the empty time. I would never pray to die owing to the empty time, yes owing to those other fears may be (though this too is highly unlikely). I want to live long, even if I suffer, I want ‘my time’ and ‘my time’ is LONG.


[Title Credit: Blind Guardian- Traveller In Time]


  1. Reenie said...:

    A beautiful post, Buch :)

    Loved it.

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