Heena and the Corset..

Monday, January 10, 2011
I love the smell of Heena, S loves it too and so does W (got to know today). W’s best friend is getting married this week and hence the mehendi on W’s left palm (right one tomorrow) by me. I do a pretty decent job with the designs, but I am slow and my obsession on neatness takes up a lot more time. So if you want to apply mehendi by me you gotta be patient, unless you can settle with a less than mediocre piece. W had been watching Criminal Minds while I took her hand into business, therefore I was free from the worry of keeping her paralytic for too long. She held that engrossed look of rapt delight watching Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) which she always gets and I knew I had enough time. Later we googled early days pictures of T.G. only to discover pictures of him undressed dressed in corset! I can only imagine the turnoff it caused, sorry W! 

[Photo: W with her mehendi]


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