Green morning everyone!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I can’t start my morning sorry evening (contributes to my messed up sleep cycle) without a cup of green tea. I used to be a coffee lover and I still sort of am but ever since the shift to green tea instead of coffee, I feel a lot better fresher and hydrated. I usually drink Kazi and Kazi organic green tea, it’s a well reputed brand of a sprawling tea estate of Bangladesh which is also exported worldwide under the brand name Teatulia. KK Tea is the first organic tea substantially produced in Bangladesh, and the first to be certified by international certifying authorities. They also have two other flavours, tulsi tea and black tea. I love the packaging of the tea bags, it comes in a cute tiny rug! 

The acclaimed benefits of green tea are numerous. But for me the best part is it keeps me hydrated. You might think how can a single cup of green tea keep you hydrated but it actually does. On the days I have my uni there’s no water passing through my system, it’s just coke or pepsi. But I have noticed the days I make myself a cup of green tea after reaching home sweet home the dehydrated feeling lowers to quite a minimum level. Of course water is the mother of all drink but since we all drink a cup of tea or coffee anyway I think shifting to green tea is a lot healthier way to satisfy that trait. It is also rich in antioxidants and boots out headaches caused out of stress quite nicely. There are several established studies focusing on the benefits green tea against cancer and heart disease, likewise I have read somewhere that it also helps to fight obesity.

Here’s an easy green tea latte recipe for you guys,

Green Tea Latte Recipe

4 cups cold water
2 Chai tea bags
3 green tea bags
1 cup milk, chilled
4 tablespoons brown sugar or honey 

Boil water and then add both Chai and green tea bags. Seep the tea for three to five minutes, removing the bags and discarding. In ad blender, blend the milk so it is frothy. Pour the tea into individual serving cups and then to each, add 1 tablespoon of the brown sugar of honey. To the tea mixture, add frothy milk. If you like, you can sprinkle a little green tea powder or cinnamon on top.

A helpful tip when brewing green tea is to retain the flavor while not losing the health benefits. For this, I recommend you use one tea bag for each cup of water. For the water, start with cold water, bringing it to a boil. As soon as the water reaches the boil point, remove it from the heat source and let is stand for three minutes. Then, add the tea bags and allow them to seep for three to five minutes, or place a tea bag into a serving cup, pouring the boiled water on top. While this might sound elementary, you will enjoy both flavor and health benefits for green tea latte recipe by following these guidelines. 

Enjoy your morning tea! Have a good day!