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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
My nocturnal entertainment is taking me down again. Falling into the same vicious circle from which I can’t seem to get out. I don’t understand this impulse to stay awake the entire night, specially when I can get everything done in broad daylight, and that would keep me healthily happy too. That way instead of waking up at 4 I’ll have the entire day to myself. No that’s it, tonight is the night. This can’t go on or else I’ll drive myself crazy. I have to learn to enjoy, do my things, watch whatever movie I have to watch, read whatever that I am reading, and learn to drink my green tea and coffee, during the DAY, not when the roaches are out to enjoy themselves and every movement is tiptoed. This semester break is long awaited, and there’s no way I am ruining my long craved spare time like this. It’s already 8 and I am going out now to do some groceries to cook this kabab I have in mind. After that there will be ONE movie, yes just ONE! Then lights off! Irrespective of how vigorous I feel, even if I have to spend the entire night waiting for sleep to come to me. Time to discipline myself people, wish me luck!


  1. All the best then! Hope you're able to watch some movies with us this weekend :D

  1. All the best then! Hope you're able to watch some movies with us this weekend :D

  1. AcetylCholine said...:

    It's the most difficult task on earth.
    Good luck. Let me know of your success rate.

  1. br|sh said...:

    I want some good movies for saturday. Ask Sunka to get it! @PB

    In all honestly the success rate will never go beyond 60%. It's some days of control and some days of unruliness :| @AcetylCho

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