The newest addition!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
We have a new addition to the family! And I am in love with the new members! They are my snowy white cotton candies and they are the softest cutest cotton candies of this world! Too bad I can’t squeeze these cuties and put them in my mouth, Gupgup!

Name: Christopher Columbus
Passion: Wandering
Favourite food: Cucumber
Favourite activity: Jumping around

Meet Christopher Columbus. He is an explorer at heart. He is a risk taker but pees when he gets nervous (your secret’s out Christopher!). He loves to wander around this strange world and sniff every oddity that comes along his way. His curiosity has no limit, and when it comes to food he is even more promiscuous.

Name: Fakir Jumman Shah
Passion: Eating
Favourite food: Grass, the greener the better.
Favourite activity: Chewing and fighting over food

Say hi to Fakir Jumman Shah. Fakir is laid back and enjoys life to the fullest. He can’t care less about this rampant world and holds no complaints as long as there’s food in his stomach. He loves to sleep and relax in his home, and doesn’t bother to step outside. “After all what is there to see in a world of slippery floors, it’s no grass!” says Fakir.

More photos of the little rascals-

Guess who's who!
Christo jumping with freedom joy
and.. that's what he did next.. to him this height has no parallel. this is my father's belly btw.


  1. wow they are looking cute...

    btw u r tagged on my blog...pls check

  1. Linhy said...:

    Awww cute little bunny!!!!!! thanks for the kind words on my blog!

  1. Cardinal Ruby said...:

    i love rabbits.

  1. AcetylCholine said...:

    Fakir Jumman Shah is my favorite.
    Also, I'm copying the quote. Sue me later.

  1. UB said...:

    Such cute bunnies..My brother has a kitten named Columbus...he(kitten) explored areas around alot hence the name..I'm assuming you've named your bunny for the very same reason maybe?
    Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  1. br|sh said...:

    I have seen the tag, will come back to it later :) @Mr Solitary

    You're welcome Linhy. Love!

    @Ruby- I'm loving these cuties too. They are just soo adorable!

    Haha copy as much as you want. I am too fainéant to sue. @Acetyl

    @UB- you assumed right, Columbus is true to his name. And I really liked your musings.. you have a new follower now :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

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