Friday, June 23, 2017
Please help me God...this pain is spreading like a cancer..from heart to physical eyes are so tired but I cant sleep...if I sleep it's the same dream I see that I don't want to hands are heart is feels sore and out of breath in my body and in my me God..i tried reaching out God..i wish I could puke out the memories too with the food...but they stay.. and they cripple me God..all my pain that i wasnt allowed to let out has started to cripple me..the years and years and years of lonely unspoken sacrifices have crippled me..robbing me off from the purity of my love has crippled me..abuses hurled that plays on repeat as nightmares every night have crippled me..the pain is pinching's everyday..everyday..on it's hurting somewhere here too..i don't know what to do where to go..please help me one else is