Accept... to stop the tears from showing

Saturday, May 27, 2017
This is what it is... accept your limitations.. your foolishness.. your tears.. your sorrow. Accept your life. The way it really is, hidden. With the sleepless nights.. going over and over and over on all the whys and hows. Accept that evening you tripped on the middle of an empty road because you couldn't stop crying. But just before you entered your home you remembered to put the smile and glasses on. Accept the night when someone shouted at the top of their voice because it made them feel good, but you kept quiet and took it all, because the only thing that could make you feel good wasn't by your side. Accept the memories of your father will always stay a memory, his voice on hard disks, hugs never relived. Accept your alarm clock to 12 hours of work after a night of self harming thoughts. Accept your mother's loneliness, and the strength she deserves from you and gives you. Accept the life you knew was all gone. Accept the chaos of the world where bullies are president and people use each other by deceit and manipulation, just like your life. Children are killed as collateral damage just like the child in your heart dies the slow death. People try winning the politics at the expense of truth, just as in life through appearing to be something they are not. Accept, accept, accept. Because that's all you can do. You have nowhere to go, no safe place, you will live amongst these people running this world and claiming its ownership. Accept, because you were never the kind to claim anything, but the kind who always felt the world owes you nothing. Accept because you are not a queen, you have no crown, you are an ordinary girl, with a heart and a mind, that's all.