I loved how you used to walk holding your bag papa.

Thursday, December 8, 2016
I love you papa. This world is not for us. I understand you now. I wish I could say you are in a better place now. But that's not true either. Better would have been you travelling the world with mama, better would have been you cooking dinner for your daughter you love so much and sharing the meal. Better would have been you getting to play with Dani, see him grow up. But we both know this was not our world, this was not our only reality. This world was not your world. You wouldn't have been able to handle it papa. And I was too powerless to shield you. I still am. I couldn't even shield myself papa. I love you. And nothing in this world can take away what mama and you showed me together. It's true. I'm not safe papa, but I keep those safe thoughts deep inside my heart. Thank you. I didn't understand you then, but I understand you now. I am a lot like you papa. I finally understand.