Partial reality

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It is said to go to your happy place when you are sad. My happy place is a hut by a waterfall, surrounded by brown branches in a green jungle. Brown and green are my favourite colours and water is my favourite compound. I want that thak thak footsteps noise on the wooden floor while I walk around my hut barefoot, and the hut has to have a large window facing the waterfall. and I want to be the only human there, so I can roam around naked, shower in the waterfall, any time of the day, without a worry in the world. My happy place will also have a teleporter, that'd teleport coke and chocolates. I shall also have a pet tiger who'll be a strict vegetarian, and sometimes when I get lonely, he will talk to me. My perfect little happy place. I am going to make this at least a partial reality some day. 

view from the window of my hut