Face 'Me', regrets.

Monday, May 14, 2012
I don’t regret. It’s not in my character. There are things I wish never happened, but I have never regretted having them happened. There’s only a little about me that I can control, rest is controlled by my personality, which I have now come to believe is a mere formation of my parents’ genes with very little role left for me to play. I cannot help but be me, whether I like it or not. And ‘Me’ is not so simple, believe me, it’s not half as simple as I’d want it to be. It's the root of a lot of unhappiness, troubles that are uncalled for, it's the root of coming to a point in my life where I almost regretted. But still, it is me, and when an I faces ‘Me’ before the mirror, all I want for I is to smile at ‘Me’ and say, “hey you, I know you, may be a little too much too well, and you know what dude? Despite all the details, I’m still proud of you.” 

Too hard a task? I don't think so.