Saturday, February 5, 2011
I got bruises on my knees for you 
And grass stains on my knees for you 
Got holes in my new jeans for you 
Got pink and black and blue for

You ooo ... 
For you ooo .... 
So black and blue ooo ... 
For you ooo ...


I bruised my knees for being silly :) Gave in to the 5 notorious Maniacs’ appeal to ride a slipper and later crashed to the ground. As embarrassing as it was can’t say it wasn’t fun either :D 

Meghna Resort was okay, I wish NSU picked a more interesting location though. But the company of the Maniacs in a single bus took care of the void. Whilst I am saying this I know the Maniacs think otherwise, they didn’t get my escape to la-la-land using Ipod engineering. Little do they know how glad I feel to be surrounded by them, their laughter and their traits, they have been a welcome relief to my life from the ones who are staggeringly full of themselves. If life is partly what we make it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose, then I am glad they chose me.

Stage for the concert
 [Song Credit: Bruises by Chairlift]


  1. Linhy said...:

    Nice poem short and simple!
    Interesting blog and thoughts you got going on there!! Check out my blog sometimes when you get a chance. If you like my writing and what’s on there become my follower!

  1. br|sh said...:

    Thank you Linhy. Last few weeks have been busy, finally I am a bit free tonight so I am looking forward to catching up on reading all my favourite blogs including yours!

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